Welcome to the Trenton Ski Club

Our club was founded in 1952 for the purpose of fostering and encouraging skiing.outgoingboard Since then it has established a tradition of offering a rich variety of trips to New England and the West and on occasion to Canada or Europe. A primary bond among most members is a love for the sport, the snow and the mountains.   But we admit that we also enjoy the good food and other amenities usually found at skiing destinations. Indeed, some of us may enjoy the amenities more than the sport, since some members are former skiers or riders, relatives of skiing/riding members, and people who simply enjoy mountains and the travel adventures we offer.

Our winter trips cater to skiers of all levels of ability, and a range of budgets.   The goal in all cases is to offer the most reward in terms of quality of the skiing and travel experience at the lowest cost possible.

During the off season, our schedule is less active, but we stay in touch with each other through such activities as baseball games, day cruises off the New Jersey coast, white water rafting, and tubing down the Delaware.


Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at the Hamilton VFW, 77 Christine Ave, Trenton, NJ. From mid-October through late April they are held weekly except when they conflict with holidays and major trips.

During the off-season, meetings are held monthly on a schedule that is announced by the Club President.

Membership policies:

In the words of the club by-laws, ‘Any person of good character shall be eligible to apply for membership in the club.’ A person must be 21 years of age to apply for membership. After that person is approved by the membership committee and board of directors, that person becomes a Provisional Member.

There are three classes of membership: Provisional, Senior, and Honorary.

Provisional Member: The first stage of membership. A person becomes a Provisional Member after her/his application for membership is approved by the Club’s Board of Directors. Provisional Membership is for the first year.   Upon paying dues at the beginning of the second season, the person becomes a Senior Member. Provisional Members share the same privileges as Senior Members, with three exceptions; (1) Senior Members are allowed to vote, (2)   Senior Members are can hold office, (3) Senior Members are eligible to sign up in the summer for major trips as soon as the arrangements have been firmed up and publicized.

Senior Member: A Senior Member is entitled to vote and to hold office.   A Senior Member is able to sign up for major trips in the summer after arrangements have been completed. A prerequisite for Senior Membership is having held a Provisional Membership the previous year.

Honorary Membership: Honorary Membership may be conferred upon any person through nomination by a majority of all the Board Members and two-thirds affirmative vote of the senior membership present at a regular or special meeting.

Applying for membership:

You will need to download a membership application, fill out the application, and submit it to the Trenton Ski Club along with a check for your dues. Information for filling out the membership application form is provided on the Membership Application page.


It is the responsibility of every member to read, sign, date, and obtain a witness signature on a waiver form and to return it to the Membership Committee.   The waiver, which protects the club from being sued in case of injury or other loss incurred during a club function, can be obtained from the Membership Committee at any club meeting.  Every member must have a properly executed waiver on file in order to participate in any club activities other than meetings.