Female Racer of the Year - Bonnie Bonfilio Memorial Award

During more than 25 years that Bonnie was a member of the Trenton Ski Club, she was well-known for her love of skiing and her zest for living. Always an active member, she organized and participated in many events through the years. As a physical education teacher with the East Windsor-Hightstown school system, she shared her love of skiing with her pupils, and sponsored student trips to the slopes.

Although Bonnie moved away from the Trenton area upon her retirement from teaching, she remained active in the Club. She joined the membership on several ski trips each year, until her death from cancer in 1996. The Female Racer of the Year Award was renamed in order to honor a loyal friend of the Trenton Ski Club.


Year Awarded to
1996-97 Helen Kahn
1997-98 Helen Kahn & Linda Telese
1998-99 Shelley Webster
1999-00 Mary Jane Gardner
2000-01 Shelley Webster
2001-02 Shelley Webster
2002-03 Shelley Webster
2003-04 Mary Jane Gardner
2004-05 Shelley Webster
2005-06 Shelley Webster
2006-07 Shelley Webster
2007-08 Janice Catarinicchia, Linda Telese, Shelley Webster
2008-09 Linda Telese
2009-10 Linda Telese
2010-11 Linda Telese & Julia Curley
2011-12 Julia Curley, Sharon Krause,
Ginny Lippincott, Linda Telese
Linda Telese
(No Selection)


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