George Hancock Memorial Award

Special Achievement

This award, established in the 1990-91
ski season, is awarded to the member(s)
responsible for organizing and running an outstanding
individual event for the Club. The Award
was renamed in 2007 to honor George Hancock,
who for many years served us as a bartender at the Bromley Inn.


1990-91 Mike Spisak
1991-92 Ron Sobon
1992-93 Ken Kutch & Anne Lyon
1993-94 Dennis Zegan
1994-95 Kevin Quinlan
1995-96 Joan Sabatini, Kathy Galloway & Karen Wyszynski
1996-97 Carol Spisak & Bill Shannon (Tahoe Queen)
1997-98 Jim Cole & Jim Craig (Christmas Party)
1998-99 Roberta Orsi
1999-00 Cathy Stone & Joan Sabatini (Women's Cookout)
2000-01 Mary Jane Gardner & Rhonda Okamoto (Dinner Dance)
2001-02 Barbara Rooks & Denise Rotolo (Dinner Dance)
2002-03 Bill and Mary Jane Gardner (Lake Tahoe)
2003-04 Jim Huckfeldt, Rose Rizzo, Barbara Rooks, Marcy Cohen, Andrea Broadbent, Cecile Caruso, Bill Gardner, Anthony Grogan, Gary Kalmus, Roberta Orsi, Jim Rhodes, Shelley Webster (Dinner Dance)
2004-05 Jim Huckfeldt and Membership (Halloween Party)
2005-06 Mary Jane Gardner & Barbara Rooks (Dinner Dance)
Marianna Lippincott, Horace Lippincott (Country Cookout)
2007-08 Marcy Cohen, Susan Golden, Marlene Sisti , Vito Sisti (Dinner Dance)
2008-09 Mitzie Dykas and Sue Golden (Dinner Dance)
Marcy Cohen, Marlene Sisti (Dinner Dance)
2010-11 Mary Jane Gardner & Barbara Rooks (Dinner Dance)
2011-12 Andrea Broadbent, Rich Dykas, Bob Hart, Jim Huckfeldt (60th Anniversary Party)

Andrea Bass, Jim Huckfeldt

(Dinner Dance)

Jan Catarinicchia & Karen Malone
(Dinner Dance)

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