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Joan Sabatini Memorial Award

Formerly the President's Award for Special Achievement


Tribute to Joan - Spring 2011


Dear Joanie:

All of us at the Club want to say Hi and let you know we’re getting ready for another season, although you know that as we’re sure you watch over us from your heavenly home.

We miss you and all of what you did for the Club for so many years. In the Club’s long history, only you served as President for three different terms—’89-’91, ‘96-’97 and ’08-‘09. That’s quite an accomplishment, especially considering that those three terms spanned three decades. And one of them was for two seasons.

You and your tireless work for the Club earned the recognition of Club members in the Eighties, Nineties and into the new century. You were honored three times with the Al Schmidt Award for the Club’s most valuable member, twice with the George Hancock Award for outstanding work on an individual event, and once each with the DeWitt Conover Award for best committee and the Bob Hollendonner Award for most improved skier. Fittingly, you also were honored twice with the President’s Special Achievement Award, which now bears your name—The Joan A. Sabatini Award for Special Achievement. Also fittingly, your guy Bill Shannon was chosen as the first recipient.

Your selfless contributions to the Club, however, went far beyond those accomplishments. Running the Frog Races, straightening chairs and clearing tables at the end of meetings, and doing just about anything and everything that needed to be done when there was no one else to do it. No one gave more and asked so little in return. If anyone loved the Club, it was you.

You touched so many lives and so many of us are better for knowing you. May God bless you.

Your friends at the Trenton Ski Club

P.S. Your beloved Phillies are on track to win it all this year.

This award, established in 1982 - 1983, is presented to the member(s) selected by the President as deserving special recognition for service to the Club.


1982-83 Janet Arnold & Janet Frascella
1983-84 Debbie Spisak
1984-85 Diane Kutch
1985-86 Maggie Thorn
1986-87 Betty Williams
1987-88 Linda Irving & Dan Parrotta
1988-89 Dennis Zegan
1989-90 Rose Riewe
1990-91 Claire Burns
1991-92 Barbara DeMeritt
1992-93 Joan Sabatini & Bill Shannon
1993-94 Joan Sabatini
1994-95 Dennis Zegan
1995-96 Bob Germond
1996-97 Bob Spisak
1998-99 Bill Gardner
1999-00 Anthony Grogan
2000-01 Roberta Orsi
2001-02 Bill Gardner
2002-03 Bill Gardner
2003-04 Ed Curley
2004-05 Rick Roth
2005-06 Roberta Orsi
2007-08 Jim Huckfeldt
2008-09 Sharon Riley
2009-10 Jeff Carney
2010-11 Bill Shannon
2011-12 Andrea Broadbent
Mitzi Dykas, Mary Jane Gardner
Bill Gardner & Bill Shannon