Applying for Membership

TSC Application Form Application Form

Persons interested in applying should complete an application and return it to the Club's Membership Committee with a check for the appropriate dues.Italy skiing venice 215 Copies of the application form may be obtained by clicking on the “Application” button below. Alternatively, forms may be obtained from the Membership Committee at any meeting. Dues rates for various classes of membership are listed below.


The information you provide on the application form will be used by club officers and trip leaders to communicate with you. Addresses and phone numbers will be included in a club roster unless you desire otherwise. Please identify any information that you do not want listed in the general club roster.


If you prefer to mail the application and check for your dues, please send to:

Trenton Ski Club
P.O. Box PO Box 10194  
Trenton, NJ 08650

Annual dues rates are as follows:

Single membership -- $25
Single parent membership -- $30 *
Family membership -- $40 **

* Single parent memberships include children under 21 living at home.
** Family memberships include married couple and any children under 21 living at home.

Dues are payable on or before June 1 st of each year, and more particularly, before participation in any club trip after June 1 st .